June 28, 2018

We’ve all been told by our parents “Stand up straight” or “Keep your head up” and “Stop slouching!” (at least I’ve heard it anyway). Of course, they were right. Growing up - I didn't have great posture. A lot of it had to do with fact that I grew up being anxious (I was a very stressed out, hyperactive little ball of fire). Thankfully, my parents encouraged me to do sports – which kept me somewhat in line (attitude wise as well as with my posture).

Now that I’m a working young adult, I see why posture...

January 29, 2018

OK. I know what you are all thinking. But, I'm not here to give you all of my juicy gossip (LOL @ me because I have none). Today, I'll be touching a very awkward but also very real subject, that involves shit... literally. Most of us don’t like to bring up this subject, but believe or not, I get questions regarding digestions issues ALL the time (poop, burps and farts are natural, okay guys). Digestion is directly related to our thoughts and everything we put into our bodies. So I thought that today...

December 13, 2017

Tis the season to fall off the wagon *Queue Holiday Carols*. I know how hard it is to stay on track during the holidays. So I thought I’d let you in on my secrets to staying fit (ish) during this time of year.

Tip #1: Don’t skip meals

This is such a busy time of year and it can cause some imbalances in your routine  (from Christmas shopping, to visiting family and attending staff parties - ya'll know the drill). In consequence, some of our daily habits become neglected.

It's important to try to kee...

November 9, 2017

“Fad diets” are usually what people strive for when they are looking to lose weight quickly. However, most results are not sustainable long term. Most of these diets can present serious health risks because the majority fail to meet nutritional recommendations.


Many fad diets have low calorie intake and can result in quick weight loss – which is mostly lost in water weight and lean muscle mass, not fat. These types of diets are something I hear about on a daily and thought I’d share some of the thing...

October 24, 2017

One of the best things about travelling is discovering new foods. In my recent travels (to the Hawaii Islands), I discovered acai bowls, fruit bowls, smoothie bowls - whatever you want to call them. I found these so tasty and refreshing, I'd thought I'd look up a few recipes for when I get home. They we're sooo good and full of nutrients that I just had to share with you.


They are filled with "super foods" (aka fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc.) and very easy to prepare. They make for a great snack...

September 27, 2017

I often have discussions that relates to body image and how we perceive ourselves. I think everyone has some insecurities about their body. It’s totally normal to feel this way, for both men and women. I wanted to write about this because I think it's important to learn how to be happy in your skin and that you can still love your body, even though you're working on improving it.

The struggle is real

Believe me – the struggle can be real when it comes to loving your body. We all have similar struggles...

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