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Why it's terrible to think carbs are terrible

Today I heard something that struck me. As I was walking out of my gym’s dressing room, a lady caught my attention as she was talking about her diet (ya’ll are going to learn quickly that the subject of food usually gets my attention). Eavesdropping on her conversation, I heard her say that she was staying away from carrots. because they had "too much carbs". I thought it would be a good subject to talk about, because people seem to have this big fear of carbs nowadays....

We’ve all heard the craze on carbs recently – all that gluten-free and wheat free gibber. So before we get started, let's get something straight. Carbs are not the devil, guys. They are actually GOOD for you and can even help you reach your goals if you have the right balance.

In this blog, I will give you all the reasons why you should love carbs!

1. Carbs is your main source of energy

Think of it this way – how far would a car with no gas go? NOWHERE. This is what carbs are to humans – fuel. They help us complete all of our daily tasks. A low carb diet will most likely end up making you feel tired and even lower your immune system.

2. Fuel your workouts the right way

There’s nothing I like better than to push myself to the fullest when hitting the gym. A high carb meal before and after will allow you to push through a tough workout and provide you with all the energy you need to fuel it. If you don’t eat enough before a workout, chances are you won’t have enough energy to push yourself to your full potential and won’t see any results from it.

3. You want that peach?

Looking for those booty gains? CARBS. They are an essential part to muscle building. So for all those ladies looking to get a nice firm booty – Eat. Yo. Carbs.

4. Promotes good digestion

When I talk about carbs, I mean all starchy foods, like potatoes, rice, oats, quinoa, etc. There are also simple carbs, which are fruits and certain vegetables. Most carbs, if they’re whole grains, are very high in fiber. As some of you may know, fiber has many health benefits. One of them promoting good digestion. High fiber foods will also help you feel fuller longer and help control cravings.

5. Muscle Gain

Like I mentioned earlier, carbs are an essential part to muscle building. In combination with protein they are necessary for muscle gain. Think of protein as your foundation and your carbs as the construction workers that put the foundation together. They both have different roles, but are both essential.

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