My Fitness Routine

A lot of people struggle to find a fitness routine that they like and one they can stick to. It took me about a year to figure out which type of exercises worked best for me and my schedule.

Here's a few questions I've had regarding my fitness routine. I hope this can give you some ideas for your own exercise regime!

How many times do I exercise per week?

I like to exercise 3-4x per week and that is sufficient for me. I used to go to the gym almost every day (6-7x per week) but couldn’t fit that into my schedule anymore.

In my opinion, exercising 3-4x per week should still get you the results you are looking for and is much more attainable. If you are just starting out – I suggest you do this at your own pace, you could start by exercising once or twice a week and move up from there. (Don't rush. Give yourself time and set realistic goals for yourself - you will get there!!!).

How long do my workouts last?

My workouts usually last about 45 minutes to an hour. Depending on the day and what type of exercises I’m doing.

You shouldn’t need more than an hour to complete a workout. If you are looking to lose weight or improve your lifestyle in general – don’t worry about putting long hours at the gym. An hour is more than enough.

What type of exercises I do?

Barbells, weights, kettle bells, resistance bands and body weight are my main tools when it comes to exercising.

I like to workout all body parts throughout the week. I usually devote one day for my lower body (Legs, glutes, hamstrings, quads), one day for my back and arms, one day for my chest and shoulders and my last day is usually a full body cardio workout.

This is my current routine, but I like to switch it up often so I keep challenging my body and don't get bored of doing the same thing. Here’s a breakdown:

Day 1: Legs (Quads, Glutes)

Day 2: Back + Biceps

Day 3: Chest + Triceps + Core

Day 4: HITT cardio (Glutes, Hamstrings, Arms, Core)

How do I recover from workouts?

It's sooo important to take time to recover after a workout. Ma