Let's Talk Sh*t

OK. I know what you are all thinking. But, I'm not here to give you all of my juicy gossip (LOL @ me because I have none). Today, I'll be touching a very awkward but also very real subject, that involves shit... literally. Most of us don’t like to bring up this subject, but believe or not, I get questions regarding digestions issues ALL the time (poop, burps and farts are natural, okay guys). Digestion is directly related to our thoughts and everything we put into our bodies. So I thought that today I could discuss why we get digestive distress and how to help. From cramping, to bloating, to stomach aches – we will cover it.

First off, we all know how it feels to get bloated or to suffer from stomach pains. There could be many reasons for that. A good way to control this is to find it’s cause. Often, the root of the problem isn’t as far as we think and there are many ways to help.

Are You Drinking enough water?

This is probably one of main reasons why we feel digestive discomfort and is certainly one of the most effective ways to cure digestive issues. Not drinking enough water can dehydrate you and cause constipation or discomfort.

Water does not only helps us keep well hydrated - it also allows for a better current in electrolytes (Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium) which aids in muscle contraction (therefore, better digestion).

Feeling Stressed?

Stress has a major impact on our digestive system - I’m sure that I’m not teaching you anything new when I say this. The brain interacts through the enteric nervous system (and with many other major systems/organs for that matter) in response to stress which can have a big impact on our digestion. For some, this may be slowing down the digestive transit and for others speeding it up. Either way, this is totally normal.

Try releasing stress by giving yourself a little TLC. Massaging your belly and placing a warm pad may help relieve symptoms. Give yourself a nice long bath, do mediation, yoga or exercise - whatever makes your little heart happy. Reducing stress should be a great help to regulate digestion.

Are You Eating Enough Fibre?

Going into the nutrition side of things, you may be missing out on some essential nutrients. A daily fibre intake of 25-30g/day with sufficient water intake should help regulate digestion. Fibre can be found in most fruits, vegetables, beans/lentils, nuts, seeds and whole grains. These food groups promote a healthy gut and helps with movement.