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My Evening Self Care Routine

Taking care of yourself is essential to your health. It’s so important to take time to do this - it will make the biggest difference in your daily lives. This is your time to unwind from your day, find peace & quiet and prepare for the next day. For me, having an evening routine makes all the difference in the world. So, I wanted to share with you some of the things I do before I go to bed that helps me relax and tackle on the next day.

Epsom Salt Baths

This is literally one of the first things I do to relax. I looovvveee taking baths. Being in a warm room with a few candles, good music and a good book it one of the best ways for me to prepare for bed. I try to keep the lights dim (if it’s later in the evening) – this helps me relax and get ready for a good night’s sleep. The Epsom salts will boost magnesium levels which will help release toxins. This can also help in your workout recovery as it increases water flow and in releasing those tight areas. It'll definitely releases muscle tension and help you relax to the fullest.

Essential Oils

Do I need to say more? For those of you that are using essential oils or have started using them, you know how much these can help in a self care routine. I used to not really know anything about them (and I still don't - I just kind of pretend I do) until my mom started using them at home. Every time I would visit back home, my mom would take out her stash and basically harass us to use them. In beginning I'll be honest, I was skeptical, but come to find out that they can be helpful for many things. In the evenings, I like to use a few drops of essentials oils in the bath. They will literally make you fall asleep in the tub.

Light some Candles

I usually light a few candles in my room so once that I get to bed, the mood is set. And by "mood" I mean relaxation (almost 100% of the time...). I find that vanilla, cinnamon or woodsy smells help me to better relax for some reason. (I don't if this has to do with anything but I'm telling you anyway)

Body Scrub / Exfoliate

If you want to give yourself a real treat before bed, my god, do yourself a favour and scrub your fucking body sweet. I swear to you, your silky smooth skin will thank you when you are lounging in your bed sheets. Body scrubs helps to clean pores and remove dead skin. If you want to feel 100% refreshed before hitting the hay, this is a great way to do so.

Draw or write in a journal

Pretty sure I've mentioned this in one of my previous blogs, but writing is another great way for me to find peace. I'll write in a journal or draw to help me reflect on the positive to help me prepare for a good night of sleep. Even writing things down that bother me will help me detach myself from it and help me sleep/feel a lot better.

Drink some hot tea

I don't know what it is about a hot beverage in the evening (that is not caffeinated) that mellows me out - but it does. I suggest camomille tea right before bed.

Put Your Phone Away

Yes this is challenging (and I'll admit that this is one of my biggest struggles). But, we can do it. Recently, I'm making the conscious effort to stay away from my phone before going to bed. Not only the light from it wakes me up, but I sometimes get caught up in bad energies when I look through my phone. My phone basically contains my entire life. My work, my emails, my friends, my family, my interests, my frenemies, my exes, my idols and other celebrities. Of course, I'd love to limit myself to only looking at the positive, but there are many factors that can distract me once I've opened up that screen.

So I just try to avoid it completely. Because being in your bed should be an intimate time for you and is important for you to disconnect from what isn't there and now. This may be one of the hardest things to accomplish for you before bed. I think that we are so attached to our phones and this virtual world, that it is hard to get out of it when you are alone or right before going to sleep. But it's also why it's important for you to re-connect with the now and leaving your phone alone.

There are many other things you can do to help your evening routine, but these examples are some of my favorite ones. Overall, having an evening routine has many health benefits associated - and a good nights sleep is definitely the top perk. Self care is probably one of the best mental health remedies and will make you feel one hundred percent waking up the next morning. Taking time for yourself should be part of your daily routine. So make sure that even after a busy day - you give yourself at least one thing that will contribute to your self care.

Thanks for coming again my lovelies!

Until the next one...


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