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5 Ways to Stay Lean During Summer

It's now mid summer and most of us have already went through the "...this is as good as my bikini body is gonna get - may as well try again next year" phase. However, I think this we shouldn't have this attitude. Remember that getting "lean" or "fit" should be a lifestyle. What this means is that whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall, we should always be conscious and wary of our health. So even if you haven't reached your beach body goals this year - doesn't mean you should let everything go and start trying again in January next year. Trust me - this is a vicious cycle and you may be waiting a while to reach your fitness goals. I'm not saying that you should not treat yourself (like any other time during the year) - but it is important to keep a good balance.

Here a few things that could help you maintain your shape during the summer:

1) Staying Hydrated

Have you ever heard the expression "Kill Fire with Fire" - same goes with water. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that when you feel bloated, you are most likely holding on to a lot of water. Drinking lots of fluids will help to flush the extra water your body is holding onto. Staying hydrated is also so very important, especially in hot weather. It's a lot easier to become dehydrated during those summer months so make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

2) Summer Activities (hike, surf, sunset walks, visiting new places, camping, etc.)

How fun does that sound? I sure enjoy spending some time outside and exploring new places during summer. There's no better way to burn some extra calories while you're doing something you enjoy. IT's summer! Go camping, go hiking, walking, golfing or just "be a tourist". As long as your active, you are burning extra fat and keeping lean. Let's not forget to mention that these activities may be good for your moral, therefore reducing stress levels and improving your overall health. So take a vacation or whatever you need to get outside and get moving!

3) Plan Your Outings

Eating out during summer months always seem to be occurrent for me. So if it's the same for you - this is what I suggest doing:

a. Planning your restaurant outings. It can be beneficial to you as it will incorporate some balance in your diet/routine. I would suggest checking the menu of the restaurant before you leave and make a decision of what you will be eating when you get there. Personally, I find this very beneficial.

b. Also, I recommend that you bring a few lunches and snacks if you are planning a long weekend trip this will definitely help you to not go overboard on the junk food.

c. I still believe you should have a cheat day every once and a while (aka don't go crazy). It's still important to let go and enjoy those social outings!

4) Getting lots of Sleep

Bombfires, late sunsets and camp/cottage nights are a must during summer, but they can definitely impact your sleeping patterns. Getting more or less sleep can really impact our appetite and our overall mood. If you are going to bed a little later - I'd still suggest you trying to get between 6-8hrs of sleep (this can vary for every individual so try to stick with what you feel is your routine of sleep). Keeping your regular sleep hours will also help you recover better from exercise and improve your health overall.

5) Limiting Alcohol

There's nothing better than a cold refreshment on a hot summer day - I know. Our consumption of alcohol tends to increase during summer (with reason...) and that's okay. Just try to make your beverage choice mindfully. Here are my suggestions:

a. Choose something that's light or diluted down (like homemade mojitos or sangria). Instead of using pop or juice in mixed drinks, try sparkling water, fresh fruits & herbs (like peppermint) to cut down on extra calories.

b. Alcohol is a diuretic - which can provoke dehydration to begin with. Drink some water between each drink to stay hydrated (you will thank me in the morning). Not only that you are roasting like burnt toast under the hot sun, you are also flushing out all the water you have left with alcohol. So if you are planning a day of drinking outside - I'd suggest sipping on some nice ice water throughout the day.

c. Don't go overboard!!! Alcohol on it's own is 7 calories per gram. Alcohol is like anything else if you indulge... it has consequences, like weight gain, fatigue or just a really bad hangover. Always drink carefully for your sake and the other's sake!

Thanks again for coming to visit. If it's your first time here - welcome! Also feel free to subscribe to get notified of future posts!

Until next time my lovelies,

Kelissa, xx

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