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Things To Do During Quarantine

Our planet is sadly going through a lot at this time. It's had all of us take a step back from work and for some of us; even from friend and family. We are living in more solitude than we probably ever have and ever will. If you are like me, staying home can get boring very quickly. However, it's allowed me to do the things that I no longer "had enough time for" (this blog is a great example of that). So I thought that spreading some good stuff on here may help others not feel so lonely during these times and encourage staying home, even though we may not feel like it. So here are few things you can do:

1) Call your family & friends

Connecting with your friends and family is definitely a good way to keep busy. It is always nice to know that you aren't the only one going through hard times. Sometimes you just need a little pep talk to get through that feeling of stress and anxiety. Lifting each other up has become so crucial for our mental health. If you have any family in a health care home (or someone who is isolated), I suggest you giving them a call. If it's difficult for you, imagine how difficult it is for them. They need you the most right now; for words of love and encouragement.

2) Get artsy

Now that you have time on your hands, do yourself a favour and take out your paint, sketchbooks, colouring books, camera, etc. and start making shit. There is nothing better than art to take your mind off of all the news and social media.

3) Get creative

If you could do anything right now, what would that be? This is a question you can ask yourself right now and start working on a plan to get there. If you've been thinking about doing something new for a while, but did not have the "time" to do it, well now is the time to start looking into it. Develop a plan. Make goals to get there and start working on what is possible now to help your future self succeed.

3) Stay active

There are plenty of physical exercise you can do from home. Have a TV? Have a computer? Look up "1 hour workouts" on youtube and voila! Free, easy and quick. I promise this will make you feel so much better once you've done it. Having endorphins released during this time is definitely not a bad idea. For those of you that don't have equipment at home, there are plenty of alternative exercises you can do. I've also used canned goods as weights when I was really stuck. Hey, this is your time to get creative guys. Think outside the box.

To help everyone stay active and healthy during this time, I decided to offer my 3 month at home training program for 50% OFF for those that are looking for inspiration (this includes; 4x/week of exercises; nutrition calculations; recipes and a Wellness Facebook Support Group). Let's lift each other up and stay healthy together! Please reach out to me @ for more info.

4) Start journaling / read / meditate

Instead of having your thoughts race through your mind, start writing them down. This has a multitude of benefits. It not only helps you destress, it can also let you expand your mind on new ideas. Let your imagination run wild. It is often during times like these that great ideas rise to the surface.

Reading can also help you destress and feel inspired. It will take your mind off of all the negative and let your mind relax and focus on the good.

Listen to a guided meditations. I LOVE listening to guided meditations. This is probably, for me, one of the most effective ways to relax. I love using the app "Calm" and "Petit BamBou" (this one is free). I usually do it at the end of the day before going to bed and I won't lie, I usually fall asleep before the meditation ends and sleep like a baby all night.

5) Practice self care

Self care can mean many things. For me, it's taking a long bath, exfoliating and hydrating my skin. I'm taking extra time to do facials, body scrubs and hair masks. I usually don't take the time to do this on typical day to day because it takes too much of my time. But I'm using this time to rejuvenate and cleanse my whole body.

If you want some tips on taking care of your body, skin, hair, etc. please reach out to me and I will be happy to share some of my secrets with you. I've recently switched most of my products to Arbonne and have been loving the results. Shop my link if you want to try!

6) Play board games

Get that deck of cards out or play a little game of monopoly with your household members. Have fun and a few laughs with people. If you are isolating solo, there are so many apps you can use to play with friends online. Download apps like Zoom, Kahoot, Houseparty, Draw Something, Duolingo, WhatsApp, etc. for keeping you busy and connected with friends and family while being apart.

7) Spend more time in the kitchen

Get those old recipe books out and experiment in the kitchen! Finally you can take your time to do some cooking. Try to enjoy it. Appreciate the time you have to learn new recipes and new methods of cooking or baking.

8) Re-arrange your house/apartment/room

Since you will be spending so much time at home, you want to make sure you are making yourself comfortable. So switch it up if you need to. Dig up some old furniture you always wanted to put up. Or start working on DIY projects or re-decorate your home. Get cozy and enjoy the new home mood.

That's all I have for now. Hope this boosted your mood and motivated you. I am wishing you all health and happiness during these crazy times.

Stay safe my loves!

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