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Our Story

We always had a passion to help others through health and wellness. Our values are focused on internal well-being, community support, and creating a positive environment to learn and grow. These were founded by our founder and CEO, Kelissa Ouellet, who has gained most of her learnings growing up in a small community surrounded by nature and natural resources. Having this foundation gave us the tools to help others to succeed in their own wellness journeys.

In 2015, we expanded on our experience and obtained all the necessary education in nutrition sciences along with certified courses on life and wellness coaching to provide the most accurate and efficient services to our clients. Since then, we have helped hundreds of clients achieve their wellness goals and lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. 

Our Mission

Our goal is quite simple. We want to help others feel good about their health. We want people to feel the way we feel about living a healthy life. We teach you to be patient with yourself, help you grow your mindset, and guide you to succeed. We have a goal to help you gain a positive mindset throughout your wellness journey and gain the tools you need to make healthy living sustainable for the rest of your life.

I've Been There...

It took me many years to figure out how to have a healthy
relationship with food.


I've tried it all. The no carb diet, dairy free, I've calorie counted, you name it. Until I realized that there was a much more simple way to achieve my goal weight - something that DIDN'T include any kind of fad diet. And it wasn't until I studied nutrition and incorporated what I learned that I realized the true meaning of healthy living.


Think we're a match? 

I'm ready when you are!

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