Hi Love,

Let me help you feel good about your lifestyle!


Since a very young age, I had a passion for health and wellness. I was raised in a very small community and grew up surrounded by nature. Being raised in a small town helped me to learn about whole foods and nature at an early age.

When I started on this wellness journey, learning about food and exercise, I wasn’t really sure what it was all about. It took me a while to understand the balance of it all. I did it by implementing this to my own life. To truly understand the struggles of  achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle - I needed to challenge myself. So I practiced what I preached to the fullest. And that’s when I made the best discovery – everything I had learned was actually working!

My goal is now to help others feel good about their lifestyle. I want people to feel the way I feel about living a healthy life. I want you to learn from my struggles and I hope to inspire you to love yourself to the fullest. If I can set an example for anyone out there, who are struggling to lose weight or simply trying to live a healthier/happier life.

Kelissa Ouellet

Health & Wellness Coach, B. Sc, CPT

I've Been There...

It took me many years to figure out how to have a healthy
relationship with food.


I've tried it all. The no carb diet, dairy free, I've calorie counted, you name it. Until I realized that there was a much more simple way to achieve my goal weight - something that DIDN'T include any kind of fad diet. And it wasn't until I studied nutrition and incorporated what I learned that I realized the true meaning of healthy living.


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