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Cultivate Wellness - Build  Better Futures  Elevate Your Business and Boost your Personal Wellness Journey with Personalized Services and Corporate Initiatives

Personalized Solutions
fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition solutions that are built to last

KO Wellness is a service that works with you to find the best-suited solutions for your personal and/or business wellness goals. With nearly a decade of experience in the wellness industry and working with hundreds of clients, we believe to have discovered a winning formula for long-term success. We offer a comprehensive range of training services, spanning from fitness and nutrition to mindfulness and lifestyle coaching that are guaranteed to improve your outlook on health and wellness.

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Wellness assessment

This assessment serves as a
vital tool for comprehending
the genuine sentiments
regarding well-being in the
workplace or identifying areas
that require enhancement,
and implementation of new
initiatives to bridge the
corporate to wellness gap. 

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coaching Services

This service is customized to your personal wellness goals and needs. We offer you a packaged based program with nutrition, exercise and life coaching services. These services are delivered virtually and one-on-one with your coach. Our goal is to provide you the best tools and resources to succeed in your own wellness journey. 



Group Sessions

These sessions offer an educational component that is delivered in a group-setting, either on-site or virtually. It is personalized to the needs of your business and employees. We deliver science-based workplace training on a variety of wellness topics ranging from: healthy eating, exercise programming, mindfulness and much more.

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meet your coach

Kelissa Ouellet,
Founder at KO Wellness, Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach

A fervent believer in the pursuit of sustainable and joyous living, Kelissa embarked on her journey by earning her degree in nutrition from the University of Moncton in 2015, subsequently complementing her expertise with a personal training and life coaching certification.

With over 8 years of invaluable experience in the health industry, Kelissa stands as a beacon of health for numerous clients who have benefited from her guidance. Her profound vision is rooted in the desire to instill in others the same enthusiasm she harbors for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Kelissa is driven to impart her extensive knowledge in health and wellness, aspiring to empower individuals with the tools and insights necessary for their well-being journeys. What truly sets Kelissa apart is her genuine passion for health, a fervor she ardently shares with those fortunate enough to be in her sphere. Join Kelissa today on a transformative voyage towards a healthier and happier life.

Are you ready to make the first step to a journey to a healthier, happier, and better you?

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