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Why I hired a personal trainer

This is something I've been wanting to talk about for a while. People often ask me why they should invest in a personal trainer. And honestly, I wouldn't have known how to encourage them, until I had a personal trainer myself. I hired a personal trainer to acquire more knowledge on fitness.

Being a fitness professional myself, I already had an idea of what fitness was and how to achieve fitness goals, but I wanted to know more. There is so much to learn about health and fitness, and hiring a fitness coach will show you that.

Here’s a few reasons why I recommend investing in a personal trainer:

  1. Learning the basics

Whether you are a beginner in the gym or an advanced athlete, there is always something to learn about fitness. A fitness coach or trainer will teach you all the basics of fitness. I used to think that the basic stuff wasn’t really important until I learned the value of them. Everyone should know how and where to start – a trainer will definitely help you draw that starting line. You will learn everything from posture, proper form to fitness techniques. Learning about body composition (muscle, bone, fat and water weight) also helped me to understand what my fitness goals should be focused on.

  1. Setting realistic goals

Your trainer will evaluate your fitness levels with you and be able to help you set goals. This is something I struggled with. I was never sure if I was pushing myself too much or not enough. Having a trainer really helps set that bar for you. They will adjust a plan specifically to your needs, your fitness level and that will support your goals.

  1. Accountability

For those of you who have a hard time sticking to a plan, a trainer will definitely come in handy for you. Keeping accountable is a necessity in achieving your fitness goals. If you are getting a personal trainer, you will most likely be meeting with them to make sure you are following the plan and that things are moving along. A fitness coach will make sure that the plan fits your lifestyle and is sustainable for you.

  1. Pushing yourself

A coach/trainer will push you to your fitness limits. For me, this was a game changer. I realized that I definitely wasn’t pushing myself enough at the gym. Even now, I go to the gym and I don’t work out half as hard as I am when I’m with my trainer. It’s easy to give up when you have no one watching over your shoulder, but definitely not when you have someone yelling in your ear – saying that you can do 3 more (just when you thought you we’re done 4 push-ups ago). If you are looking to get results, this is how you get them… trust me.

  1. Motivation

A fitness coach will keep you motivated. It’s never easy achieving fitness goals. There will always be struggles down the road. A trainer will keep encouraging you and listening to your needs. Most people face similar struggles and trainers have all the right tools to help you get through them. Chances are that this is not their first rodeo. Put your trust in them and follow their instructions – you will accomplish your goals.

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